Larvae of Natterjack toad Epidalea(Bufo) calamita

  • without external gills (tadpole)
  • eyes not prominent
  • Underside black to grey, hardly visible matallic spots are possible
  • if larvae bigger than 4-5mm grey spot on throat (arrow on picture) is visible
  • Total length:
    up to about 23 mm (small!)
  • Sometimes the grey spot on the throat, distinct for Natterjack larvae even if it is often not very prominent appears already at 4 mm body width, but also often not before the limb buds of hind legs are visible.
  • Then also a light dorsal stripe is becoming visible soon.

Crapaud calamite (F); Rugstreeppad (NL); Strandpadda (S); Strandtudse (DK); Ropucha krátkonohá (CZ)

Natterjack Larvae
(D = dorsal, back; V = ventral, underside)

  • This larva is the smallest one out of the native tadpoles (excluding runt forms of e.g. Common toad).
  • Metamorphosis from 15 mm length.


[Adult toad]