Triton ponctué (F); Kleine Watersalamander (NL); Mindre Vattensalamander (S); Lille Vandsalamander (DK); Colek obecný (CZ)

Abundant in many parts of Europe between Central France and Central Scandinavia, including Great Britain and Ireland, Italy and the Balkans. Rare above 1000 m.

and about 6.5-11 cm.

Metamorphosed Animals:
Belly spotted. Now and then have a nearly unspotted belly; have swollen cloaca, lower tail fin red-black spotted.

March to May. Terrestrial after breeding. Terrestrial
without continuous dorsal crest. occasionally have a light dorsal stripe.

Smooth newt
Lissotriton (Triturus) vulgaris

Smooth newt

Smooth newt
right: cloaca area of (above)
and (below)
(below: juvenile in terrestrial appearence)

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